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Panch Kedar

By Prosenjit Das

Kedarnath:  Rishikesh to Gourikund by car/bus. Gourikund to Kedarnath 12 KM. Pony and Kandi are available on hire. Gouridund to Kedarnath is a nice trek. Up to Ramwara path is gradually rising. From Ramwara, next 3 km is little bit steep and then it is easy go to Kedarnath. Lot of eateries and accommodation are there at Gourikund, Ramwara and Kedarnath.
Kalpeswar: Reach Helang near Joshimath by bus from Rishikesh/ Rudrapryag. Helang to Urgam is jeep able road. Urgam is a village nice to visit. Urgam to Kalpeswar is a path through plain agricultural field. Some old Shiva temples will be seen enroute. It is nearly two hours trek. Cross the river on the right side and you will reach Kalpeswar temple.

Rudranath: There is a path to Rudranath from Kalpeswar. First day go to Dumak after crossing the hill on the left side. Path is through forest and we suggest appointing a good guide. It is nearly seven hour trek. At Dumak one hotel is there. Otherwise villagers will arrange your night stay at their house.

Next day you will go to Panar. Previously it was a camp for security personnel. Now it has been turned into a lodge. The road from Dumak first goes down and again rises after crossing the river and reaches Panar. One path also comes from Sagar and reaches Panar. This path is for those who want to visit Rudranath directly. We suggest a guide for this road also at it passes through dense forest, at least at the beginning of the season. Form Panar you will reach Rudranath after nearly four hours trek. The Path is mostly along ridge of the hills with nice scenic view. At Rudranath private shelter as well as Mandir committee accommodation is available. After visiting Rudranth you can come down to Mondal via Naola pass and Anusuya. This path is on the other side of the hill through which you came from Panar. 

: Come from Mondal to Chopta, the green valley covered with forest and with magnificent view of Choukhamba. Chopta is a nice stop over. Tunganath is only 5 km away. The road is comfortable for anyone with walking habit. Accommodation is not really problem at Tunganath. One can visit Chandrashila from Tunganath which is 1.5 km. Early start at dawn recommended. The visit is rewarding with good view of Mt, Choukhamba and other peaks. Adventurous people can trek to Mondal from Tunganath. But expert guide is required.

Madmaheshwar -  Come to Ukhimath from Chopta and stay one night at Ukhimath. Visit the temple there where Lord Kedar comes down from Kedarnath at winter. Next morning go to Rashi via Jogashu and Lenk. It is jeep able road now. Trek to Bantoli for night stay. Have your lunch at Gandar. Gandar is nice village surrounded by hills and a river down the valley. Bantoli is the place where renowned mountain lover Lt. Umaprasad Mukhupadhyay used to come frequently. He had a shelter there also. Next morning the path is little bit steep. But 4 to 5 hours trek will bring you to the temple of Lord Madmaheswar. Accommodation at Kedar Badri Mandir Samity is available.

                One can start from Kalpeswar via Helang and end at Kedarnath or vice-versa.