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Nalgon Pass

By Abhijit Chatterjee

Nolgan is between  Bapsa  Valley and   Tomosa  Valley  . After effort of some period we made our journey through it.  Traking starts from Dhula. From Dehradun to Naitwon you may go by bus or car. To stay in this route there are few hotels in Naitwan also. Main expedition starts from Naitwar.

1st day Naitwar Dhula Sawa village (5hrs)

From Naitwar to Dhula you may go by jeep in share also. From Dula you have to start walking. Crossing a bridge on a river the upward path rises upper part of this. The path is sometimes spiral or sometimes straight by touching the surface of the hill. By this way you would reach a village named  Saba . In the middle of the village there is a temple made off wood. You may put your tent here. If you wish you may take some necessary things from nearby shops.

2nd day Sewa The union of Nolgan and Rupin Nala (6hrs)

The route is through the village and paddy field and of course downward . The path is sometimes on the sand of the river bank sometimes on the bolders. After that you have to walk through the forest by a narrow path. Rupin river is in your right hand side. In the mean time you would reach a large bridge which us on the Rupin river. After crossing the bridge and walking a while upward you would reach a village named Kotal.  From here you may reach the  Union of  Rupin Nolgan . With another path which is newly made for cars keeping Rupin right side.By that upward road you may easily go up to the Union of Rupin Nolgan. But before going by this way it is better to know the condition of it. Near this union by the side of Nolgan nala a beautiful place is there where you use for making tent.

3rd day The  Union of Rupin - Pandhar Camp (5.30 -6 hrs)

Now start walking keeping the river left and through forest. To go towards place from where the river comes out means you are going upward. After walking for sometimes you would see a large cave. Suddenly you here crossing a temporary bridge you have to go another side of the river. After that your route which is through dense forest is frequently upward downward to the river. After crossing some upward and downward walking like this again you would get a bridge and by crossing it you would reach Pandhar Camp which is very much near to the Me thatch. Here the land is plane under the shade of large trees. Above the trees you may come contact with lion faced monkey.  

4th  day Pandhar or Me thatch Surya Thatch (6hrs)

Firstly you have to make slight upward movement. Keeping the river right hand side go forward. In this route you may meet with shepherds and from them you may try to know the proper route or the condition of the route. In this time you will enter in the Bhuj jungle.  Now the sky is being released in front of you and you are on the place which is union.of two rivers. A large piece of green plane land which is ideal for camping. The name of this place is Surwas Thatch. You may walk forward to enjoy the beauty of nature more. 

5th day Surwas Thatch Base Camp (6-7 hrs)

This way is only upward. On the grass  a tough upward movement you have to make. Step by step you go upward and your heart can not but be happy with the natures hypnotizing beauty. After that the upward movement has to make very consciously. The straight slope of left hand side is too much and it is enough to help to start a trembling in the heart of the common people. But nothing to worry, because you  would reach base camp immediately. Though here in this place you may arrange for few tents only and with a long distance with each other. Here from the tent you may enjoy the unforgettable scene with a cup of tea.

6th day Base camp Nolgan pass Rukti Gud (7 hrs)

Still it is upward route so, it is better to start as early as possible. After sometime you would reach the place of ice and suddenly you would come to know that you are on the pass. With other passes you can not compare it as it is a small to. After watching pass you have to come down backward. On bolders by jig jag way you have to come down. Here you have to be conscious while walking otherwise danger may come.After finishing the path you would come down by the side of a cascade where you may stay in tents. Here the Rukti river is blowing in the lower part by the right side. The name of the place is Rukti Garh.

7th day Rukti Garh Sangla (4-5 hrs)

With the downward movement you have to walk for some while and then you have to cross a river which is coming from Rupin area. Again you have to face downward path but this time it is not tough. And now you will be at Sangla.