World of Excitement

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     Human soul is the most coveted living creature ever created by God. And nature is the most beautiful creation of God. Every living soul moves and faces hurdles of nature for its survival from the very beginning of life. And only human beings succeeded in recording the changes, happenings, joys and sorrows of life and society, at different places of the world through different mediums and modes.



          Movement is travel and remarkable incidents are described as adventure. These two words are very familiar to each other from very old days. Now- a-days travel is becoming synonymous to tension free luxurious movement.  And the word adventure is being searched and explored by a very few people today. Present generation is being offered this adventure in the form of Adventure Sports, which is becoming popular day by day. It is good sign for this generation youngsters who are over burdened with fast and hazardous life style but without proper knowledge to overcome the same. Adventure sports will definitely help them to great extent.


     Experience makes us knowledgeable. Sharing knowledge and recording experiences enriches the society. So it becomes our social duty to share our experience, knowledge and feelings.

         Rahul Sankrityayan, the great educationist, traveler and writer, who traveled extensively various parts of this world and faced the wrath of the nature, rightly advised us to record our knowledge and experience for the benefit of the society so it can be explored, analyzed and utilized when needed. We are sure that we had already lost so many experiences and knowledge of many great people due to lack of record till date. So let us not lose any more of such valued knowledge. Let us share it. Welcome to Traventure.!!