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Dayara Bugyal

By : Rama Prasad Koley

HARDWAR>>UTTARKASH>>GANGORI>>BHATOWARI>>BARSU>>DAIRA BUGYAL>>NORBANATOP>SIARATOP>>BOKRIATOP>>DAIRA>>RAITHAL>>BHATOWARI>>UTTARKASHI>>HARDWAR  (17/10/05) :  We reach Hardwar at first morning and hired a zeep for Uttarkashi  (Rs.1900/-) and we have reached Uttarkashi at about 12.00 oclock and stayed at BHANDARI HOTEL.

 2nd. Day (18/10/05) :    At morning we have purchasing  the necessary ration, medicine and kerosene oil from local market. At about 11.45 we have booked one car and reached at Barsu village via Bhatowari at about 1.00 p.m. We, therefore, start for trek towards  Daira Bugiyal  at about 2.00 p.m. (distance 7 K.M.) but due to rain we have pitched our tent at BARANALA . It is only 1 and half K.M. behind the Daira Bugiyal. Baranala is a nice   place for camping with a crystal clear beautiful lake.

 3rd. Day (19/10/05) :    At 9.30 morning we start for out next place i.e. DAIRA BUGIYAL and reached at Bugiyal at about 10.30 a.m. (1.5 k.m.) and we have not pitched any tent as there was one beautiful shepard hut  where we seven easily accommodate ourselves.

 4th. Day & 5th Day (20/10/05  21/10/05) :   We have stayed here  for two  days and  enjoy a  lot. From here we :   We went to NORBANA TOP, SIARA TOP & BOKRIA TOP from where we have seen the place UTTARKASHI. From DAIRA BUGIYAL another route for DODITAL VIA OMBIDHAR (10 KM), LOMBIDHAR TO DODITAL (10 KM) for another 2 days trekking from DAIRA BUGIYAL.

 6th. Day (22/10/05) : Today we are   moved  from DAIRA BUGIYAL  by an another route via  RAITHAL which   is 10 k.m. long to BHATWARI.The route was nice one where  we are trekking through the forest. From BHATWARI we booked one car and reached at UTTARKASHI at about 6.00 p.m.

 7th. Day (23/10/05) :  Start for HARDWAR at morning and reached at 4.30 p.m. We stayed at SACHDEVA DHARMASALA which is situated at Upper Road.