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Rupin Kata

Between Bapsa and Tamosa valley there is a path which is regularly being used by the local people is known as Rupin Kata (Pass)

1st day - Sangla - Sanglakanda - Rupin Base Camp (7hrs) From Sangla slowly by a upward route you would reach Sanglakanda. After that by the bank of the river which has come from Rupin area you have to walk. Keeping the river left side this upward walking would gradually be tough but the nature here would make you cheerful. If you turn back you may get a glance of peaks of Kinnar Kailas range from far away. Here you would get the beauty of dryness because this area is almost without trees, One by one you would get place for camping but it is suggested that you nay choose that camping sight which is in forward because next day it would be helpful to start.

2nd day Base camp - Waterfall camp (7hrs) By finishing the path which is on the surface of the hill would reach an area which is covered with ice. If there you don't find ice you may make a trip around the small pond. And then after crossing same tough upward movement you would reach Rupin Kata or Rupin Pass. Then the path is a tough downward. On the ice yoy have to put your steps consciously . After sometime you would face a kingdom of stone. Proceeding a long path down you would face upper Water fall Camp. A large river taking the disguise of a water fall is flowing by the side of this place by the name of Rupin. Here are temporary houses covered with stones and a plane land covered with green grass. This place is ideal for spending a beautiful night.

3rd day Upper Waterfall Camp - Jakha ( 7hrs) You have to make a downward movement on the bolders which has made a fragile path. Here Rupin has become a cascade and going down by three steps. After going down to some extent you will be in the bossom of a heavenly land. An overwhelming scenery with a back ground of large green valley the appearance of Rupin in three steps definitely fascinate you. If you have an extra day in your hand you may stay here. By walking for few time you would be by the side of Rupin's crystal clear blue water which is flowing through Bhuj forest. Next route is keeping Rupin in the right hand side and through Bhuj forest. If you meet with a bridge in the way cross it and go other side of the river. You would reach Jakha village within few minutes. In the football ground of this village you may make your tent.

4th day Jaka - Sewa ( 6hrs) From Jakha a beautiful downward path has gone through the village. Somewhere even you have to walk between cultivated land also. Now you would reach a village named Jishkuu. From here you have to go down and have to take the route towards Nolgan. By the way you would get Seba village. You have to stay here at night.

5th day Sewa - Netware (4hrs) From the writing of Nolgan Passyou would get the details. To remember - If you wish to go Rupin by Sewa - Jiskuu you have to spend an extra day because up to pass the total route is upward.