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 1st day (Munsiyari - Sarolapani) 4-5 hrs From Munsiyari first phase of the path near about 5 km can be traveled by car and you would reach Sarolapani Fromby downward way you would be at the bank of the Gouri Ganga. Keeping Gouri Ganga in left hand you have to proceed forward. In between reaching Lilam you would get Jimighat. The total distance is near about 14km. To stay there is a P.W.D. guest house. 

2nd day - Lilam - Bugdiar(6hrs) The path is within the forest of Rododendron. While walking you would get Rupasi Ghat - Rodgari. Upward walking path would put you to Bugdiar. The meaning of bugdiar is the cave of tiger. The distance is 13 km. Here also you get P.W.D. guest house for holting. 

3rd day Bugdiar-Rilkot (6hrs) 3km upward path must help you to reach Nahardebi. Now its time to cross the Sirkani Glacier. Mapang is just few steps forward from there. By the bank of river you have to move forward. The upward path from here meets with Rilkot (10500ft). No large tree but small grass just increase the perception of getting the grace of nature. Small number of houses with there resident may be seen here. So, you have to take shelter and food here in the small shops. 

4th day Rilkot - Borfu - Pachhu (5hrs) Just crossing an upward path you would get a plane path to walk on. After walking for half an hour the road has devided into two directions. The upper part has gone to Martoli from where several famous peaks can be seen. And the downward path has gone towards Borfu. To go to Borfu village the bridge on Gouri Ganga has to be crossed. Pachhu village is on the straight way by keeping the river right hand side. The road is on the beautiful bugial which is up and down and it helps you to reach Gonnaghar. This old village is now abandoned. Finishing this village the path touches the Pachhu Nala which is a small stream coming from the Pachhu Glacier. Here you will get a small bridge to cross this stream. On the other side of this stream is Pachhu village. This village is also almost abandoned. Few people come to live only at time of cultivation. You may stay one to these abandoned houses but without food from out side. 

5th day Pachhu village - Pachhu Glacier - Borfu (5hrs) At the end of the village the way which keeps Pachhunala left goes through forest. Crossing 3km of tough upward path you would reach Kufarikhet top. Just then at the back side of the Pachhu Glacier two peaks of Nanda Devi can be seen. After watching its beauty its time to return to Pachhu village. From Pachhu on the other side of Gouri Ganga you may see Milam village. A temporary bridge on this river may help you to reach Milim. But this bridge is not a confirm one. If you don't meet with this bridge you have to return to Borfu village and spending a night their you have to go to Milam. Starting in the noon helps to reach Milam before evening.All most all the villages in this region is abandoned. In the back side of this village you would get a glance of Borfu Glacier from where Borfu nala comes out and ultimately this nala meets with Gouri Ganga. From here by Tulu village the way to Relam pass has gone. 

6th day Borfu - Milam village - Milam glacier ( 5-6 hrs.) Keeping Gouri Ganga by the right hand side the path is upward. After 3 km of it is Bilju village and from here dry and falling prone hills. Crossing the Goyangka nala you would meet with Milam village. To stay, there is a P. W.D.'s guest house. It is also an abandoned village. But ITBP's camp is here. From here the Milam glacier is just 5km away. If the sky is clear Trishul, Hardeul peaks may be seen from this area. After returning you have to spend night at Milam village. 

7th day - Milam-Rilkot 8th day -Rilkot- Rodgari 9th day Rodgari - Munsiyari