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Lang Tang

1st day - Siyastrobansi - Bamboolodge - Lamahotel (6-7 hrs) This journey starts from Siyabrubansi. By crossing a bridge Siyabrubensi village meets with you. Keeping the river left hand you would have to go forward and after sometime you would see a path to go upper area in the right hand side. By that way one may go to Gosaikundo. You are suggested to walk by the margin of the river through the jungle. You will reach Bamboolodge comfortably. The place is a piece of beauty by itself. For fooding and lodging you would get several hotels. By proceeding few steps you would be at Lama Hotel. Spending night in any hotel with the touch of such atmosphere is to be remembered for a long time.

2nd day Lamahotel-Ghoretabla - Langtang (6hrs-7hrs) The only way is in the middle of the jungle. After a while you would watch yourself by the side of a hotel named Riverside Lodging in the midst of the mind blowing splendid nature. If you have enough time to spend your truant mind would try to stop you to move farther. Within few times you would reach the village named Ghoretabla. This place is just with few hotels. After moving few you would face a tough upward route and by crossing that you have to reach on Langtang valley. In this valley one can see some local persons and hotels.

3rd day Langtang - Kiaynjin (3-3.30 hrs) You have to move forward by the side of the Langtang nala across the valley. The nature here appears with a gorgeous white dress. Make this nature your company and you would be at Kiayanjin where your speechless condition itself describes the nature properly. Here are few hotels for staying and food. You may select any of them to serve your purpose.

4th day Kiyanjin - Lamahotel (6-7hrs) 5th day Lamahote-Tholsiyabru (6hrs) upto Bamboo lodge the route is same and from there you have to go upward on the hill and can reach Molosiyastro. This place is situated on a ridge. From a lower part this village looks attractive.

6th day Tholsiyabru - Changlapotti (5.30hrs) Through dense forest the upward path is too tough to walk. Though in this route you would not get any village, so, the help of guide is must. Changlapotti is also situated on a ridge. Here you get few hotels to stay.

7th day Changlapotti-Louribinayak pass-Gosaikundo (5hrs) By the ridge your movement would be upward and then it's the time to put your foot on Louribinayak pass. Too much cold weather and lashing cool air may try to defeat your longing to be close to the nature. But its again that nature which empower you to fight against all this difficulties. Few steps downward helps you to reach Gosaikundo. In this area there are some lakes of different sizes. By the way of reaching Gosaikundo you can see two of them. On the height of fifteen feet height the picture like beauty here impresses all types of persons and you would not be any exeption. To stay here you would get hotels with all facilities.

8th day Gosaikundo - Louribinayak - Chandanbari (5hrs) Again it is the same route. Firstly your path is upward to some extent up to Louribinayak,then the path is downward upto Chandanbari. Chandanbari is just 1km away from Changlapotti.

9th day Chandanbari - Dhunche (5hrs) After some continuous days of upward route our mind and body want a downward route just for relaxation. But after crossing this route your body and mind would arise an opposite thought. This route up to Dhunche is downward but much tough to walk.

To remember : From Kiyajin it is easier to make a trip to Segori Top, Yeala Bugiyal. For this you have to customize with the weather and high altitude.It is suggested to take extra days in count and of course depending on the condition of the team. If one wishes may come back by the Surya pass which is on the back side of the GosaiKundo. It takes 3-4 days.