World of Excitement

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1st day - Gangotri - Bhujkharag (5-6hrs) Crossing the bridge on Bhagirathi of Gangotri you have to move few distance forward through the forest which is just close to the office of the forest department. After crossing the first upward movement where yoy reach from there with a bird's eye view you may have a glance on Gangotri behind. And it might be the time to take the rest here. By seeing Kedar Ganga you may feet that it is simply jumping with a joyance mood. Next is an upward path through jungle. In the afternoon you would reach Bhujkharag where on a small piece of land you may spend the night in the tent. 

2nd day ( Bhujkharag - kedatkharag) 5hrs Keeping Kedar Ganga in the left hand it is an upward path. Gradually Bhuj trees would disappear and it would only be the Thalai Sagar peak in the front of you with a majestic attitude. Loose stones make the path tough to walk. So, it is suggested to walk consciously. After crossing this critical area you have to cross a small stream and now its Kedarkharag, a small beautiful plane land. And again it is that place for tent and rest. And from here you may get the glance of many peaks also. 

3rd day Kedarkharag - Kedartal (5-6hrs) With the moren of glacier you have to make an upward movement. Sometimes there are stones of different sizes and sometimes there are valley of ice on the way. But it depends on the quantity of the snow fall. With a magical beauty you may spend the night at tent by the side of Kedatal or you may return Kedarkharag after watching Kedartal. Following the same path you have to return Gangotri. If you spend a night at Kedartal you have tospend a night at Kedarkharag also or you may return to Gangotri directly from Kedarkharg. 

**It is suggested to take tent, food, experienced guide and necessary permission from Uttarkashi. 

**Favourable time to go - May..June & Sept..Oct